The human centred personal data API aggregator

As a Data Intermediary, World Data Exchange's platform is how your users give you explicit consent to see their personal data. All done with a single, simple API.

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Get to know your users like never before

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From allergies to vaccines, bank transactions to daily steps taken, emoji used to favourite videos. Our platform is the quickest way to utilise your users' medical, financial, fitness, social, and entertainment accounts.

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You'll receive rich data in JSON format so you have complete flexibility in how you present this to your customers

We work with personal data category experts to ensure you get the best access to fitness data, social media content, entertainment interests, financial transactions, health and medical records and so much more. All with explicit, informed, and recorded end-user consent.

Connect with your users through our optimised pre-built flow

Present data sources

You can provide a list of appropriate sources in your app or we can present them.

Request consent

Increase trust and get explicit and informed consent, by letting your customers know what will happen to their data.

Get access

Your customers log into their source and authorise access. They are then handed back to you.

Private by design

All data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest. Processes are destroyed upon transfer completion.

Easy to implement
Private and transparent
Comprehensive coverage
Optimised for conversion
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You'll be in great company

See what your peers say about us really is an ideal platform for this kind of research

Professor Grodstein - Harvard University

Customers can be offered truly relevant services

Bruno Cambounet - Sopra Banking Software

the platform is awesome for developers

Elvar Thormar - CEO, REON

We're winning awards too

Easy to implement. Easy to use.

Select the data you would like

This can come from external data sources like social media accounts, wearbles, medical records, financial accounts and more

Learn more about the personal data
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Install our SDK

A few lines of code in your app or website is all you need to get started. Android, iOS, Node.js.

Read our Developer Docs

Ask your users

We handle the consent process so the data you are given by your users is free from regulatory constraints.

See our Consent Flow in detail

Want a quick demo?

Click the button below, select a source, give consent and then see the data in its raw json format.

Get a feel for how your customers will share their data with you.

Your customers data is protected with World-Class Security

We’ve developed our technology with security as our number one priority. We use SHA-256 encryption to ensure that your customers' personal data stays completely private whilst in transit and at rest. Every share made with is completely encrypted.

SHA-256 Encryption
Just in time processing
Auto-destruct on completion

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