Empowering citizens to use their personal data in the digital economy

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We are on a mission to unlock data mobility by focusing first on citizen-centric privacy, security, and informed consent.

Plug into a world of synthesised personal data to ignite a new realm of tailored experiences.

By placing citizens at the center of their personal data controls, World Data Exchange provides SaaS data facilitation solutions to enable Government, Business and Start-up's to curate a new generation of human-centric applications, products and services.

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Use our Personal Data Exchange platform, Digi.me, to get know your users like never before

From allergies to vaccines, bank transactions to daily steps taken, emoji used to favourite videos. Digi.me Connect is the quickest way to utilise your users' medical, financial, fitness, social, and entertainment accounts.

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Our Health Data Exchange puts medical records where they should be... with the patient

Patient centricity it the single most important thing to happen to medical record mobility. Private, secure, informed. Patients will become the single point of truth, unlocking truly personal care. Coming Soon.

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More solutions coming soon

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