World Data Exchange completes UK acquisition with focus on securing personal data controls for consumers

Sydney, 17 October 2022

World Data Exchange, a Sydney-based privacy and data-sharing tech firm, today said it has completed the purchase of, a UK platform operator that helps business and governments develop and deploy consumer-centric applications.

Led by fintech entrepreneur and leading data privacy advocate Joanne Cooper, World Data Exchange (WDX) is preparing to expand into the emerging personal data portability market with ISO 27001 security certified technology.

“The world has never been more aware of the importance of individual data empowerment as significant and deeply personal technology breaches continue to grab global headlines,” Ms Cooper commented.

“As personal data weaves through so much of our lives, empowering society with ‘privacy first’ data must become the new standard. Now more than ever it is essential that companies and governments focus on cleaning up the sea of contaminated or non-permissioned personal data utilisation.”

“This is a catalyst for firms like WDX to step up and showcase transparent data exchange models to help restore consumer confidence.”

She said the award-winning had previously acquired US firm Personal Inc. with millions of dollars of capital used to build a SaaS data sharing platform. WDX now boasts unique IP including a robust two-sided data exchange platform, patents, and an impressive engineering team.

“By synthesising several tech layers under one hood, the WDX SaaS model allows business to easily utilise plug and play platforms without the hefty costs of building and maintaining robust infrastructure they often can’t afford.”

“This is a global digital transformation race and Australia must be at the forefront. With our global operations, WDX is well positioned to uphold data rights, democracy and reduce the potential of a digital divide.

About World Data Exchange

World Data Exchange provides platforms and products to unlock the value of consented personal data sharing across Finance, MedTech, Retail, Start-ups, and other industries.

CEO Joanne Cooper is a 2020 Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Finalist 2020, a One World Identity - Top 100 Identity Influencer 2018 and a 2017/8 industry participant on the Australian British Chamber of Commerce FinTech/Cyber trade delegation to London.