Experience your users' experience

Get a quick feel for how your users will consent, connect and share their personal data with you. And you'll be able to see, in real-time, that data in JSON format.

🙈 Your data will NOT be stored and will only be reflected back to you on a web page in JSON format.

Don't have the data yourself?

If you don't have an account for a specific source, select the source and then just hit Ctrl+D when presented with the consent screen. You'll then be able to toggle Sample Data Mode to get sample data for your selected source. If on mobile, scroll down to the bottom and tap 5 times on the digi.me logo.

You can also experience the our platform on mobile devices

We published these apps to help give you a feel for the experience on mobile devices.

digi viewer home.png

Personal Data Explorer

With this app you can connect many sources together and see them all in one place.

Apple App StoreApple App Store
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PostCleaner asks you to connect a social source, then imports all your posts and highlights anything potentially risky.