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Digi.me - A citizen centric approachable unified medical records viewer for The Netherlands


We are excited to announce that all Dutch citizens have the opportunity to sign up for the digi.me Personal Unified Medical Records App for FREE! This service allows you to easily sync your GP and hospital data, giving you immediate access to your health information.

Digi.me has been developed by leaders in the field, with a strong focus on privacy and security. You can rest assured knowing that your information is under YOUR control.

Our goal with digi.me is to provide a secure place for your sensitive health data, based on three core principles: Privacy, Security, and Consent. We believe in putting patients at the centre of their own healthcare, and digi.me will help you manage your information and gain insights into your wellbeing, whenever and wherever you need it.

We have taken extra measures to ensure the security of your data. Unlike other apps, digi.me leverages the World Data Exchange platform to create and interact with your own unique Cloud Data Vault. Your information is encrypted during transit and at rest, keeping it safe from unauthorised access. This prevents data "honey pots" that are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

When you sign up for digi.me, the service will generate a set of Secure Socket Layer Master Keys that give you full control over your health data.

Later, you will be able to choose to share this data with third parties for a range of purposes. However, this sharing is only done through a process of permissioned and compliant Informed Consent. You decide why, when, and how your data is used and accessed.

With digi.me, we believe in empowering individuals to take ownership of their personal health information. We invite you to try our service today, as holding accurate health data could potentially save your life.

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