Concepts enables the ethical and transparent use of data to create value for individuals which has been showcased through a number of hackathon and events, with teams developing apps and services in a matter of hours which can work with real-world citizens and data.

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Supercharging personal data driven app development


Vax Abroad

Developed at a hackathon in Iceland, vax abroad uses the individual medical record to obtain their vaccination history and then checks against the country they are planning to travel to for what vaccinations are recommended or required for travel. (Pre Covid19).


Healthy Me

Healthy Me is a health app which brings together medical and fitness data to provide individuals with a holistic view of their health data and provide basic insights such as BMI, as well as enabling the forwarding of key information to people they choose.


Happy Not Happy

Using social media data and on-device sentiment analysis Happy Not Happy provides insight into the nature of social media posts day to day illustrating how wider lifestyle and behavioural data could be used in a health context.

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