Informed Consent

We help you get explicit and informed consent from your customers, by clearly laying out what information is needed, and what will happen to it.

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Meet the most informative and flexible consent screen available today

The key to informed consent is clearly presenting why you want consent, what information it includes, and how that information will be used once it is shared.

The consent screen lays everything out clearly and succinctly so your customers can understand what they are consenting to, at a glance.

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The What

Connecting and sharing the data from a source is clearly communicated here. Depending on the source, there can be times when your customer has to take additional steps.

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The How

You define how you will treat your customers' data using simple boolean statements. Your customer can tap to read more about each statement.


The Consent

The consent shouldn't be accidental so we've built a swipe button that provides enough resistance and feedback that there can be no doubt that your customer is giving their consent.

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The Out

Your customer retains complete control and can use our Opt-Out™ mechanism to painlessly retract their consent and when needed, access to their data.

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