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The Core Tech Stack

You use our SDK to request consent and personal data from your customers.
But what happens behind the SDK?

The Personal Data Tech Stack


Provides access to many different data source APIs.

Consent Engine

Your ticket to meeting regulations with specific, informed consent. We take care of the presentation of consent agreements and obtaining consent. Each detail the specific purpose and data required to obtain clear explicit and informed consent from your customers.

Stateless Cloud Compute

We have no access to any shared data. You and your customers have the only keys.

Transformation Engine

Data is transformed to our normalised schema for simple querying across a range of data sources

Secure Storage

For the individual

External Data Source Connectors

We do the hard work of maintaining many external APIs, the qualifications, and the continual reviews, so you don’t have to

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The infrastructure is protected with a triple layer of firewalls, TLS, Open API specifications as well as rate limiting technology.

Multiple layers of firewalls protect the infrastructure from the outside.

Network groups and software firewalls ensure only nodes that are meant to communicate with each other can do so.


Your app or service integrates with our platform using our SDKs for iOS, Android or Node.js.

You can store personal data your app has collected or generated as well as read data from many sources that our platform can connect to.

The SDK connects securely to our cloud. Each app will have a unique AppID, ContractID(s), Access and Refresh tokens and RSA 2048-bit keys.

While it is possible to “talk” to the platform APIs directly, the SDKs make this much easier.

The APIs allow you to create user libraries, store personal data in the user’s library as well as ask the user to connect to and then read data from the many sources we support out of the box.

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Stateless Cloud Compute

At the core of our platform are specially engineered functions that contain no context about individuals or their personal data.

These stateless functions are fed the context and keys they need on demand by your app which has obtained consent from the individual to do so. does not retain keys or even knowledge of who the users are and therefore cannot physically access the contents of the libraries without being directed to do so.

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Transformation Engine

While data can be shared in its original format the true value of data can be unlocked when utilising the transformation engine.

Primitive transformations which can be chained together to create complex data transformations without the need for a code change.

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Secure Storage

Our secure storage is an extra layer of encryption that protects individual user libraries with multiple keys before they are persisted.

This secure storage layer is applied to all user libraries regardless of which physical servers they reside on.

The SDKs decrypt data using your private key once it gets to your app or service. The decrypted data is presented to your app as a series of developer-friendly JSON files.

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Data Sources

While you can store and read personal data obtained or generated by your app, we also provide ready-made connectors to a variety of external data sources such as medical, health & fitness, financial, social, entertainment and others.

Get access to medical data from UK, Dutch or US users, or social media posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We take care of access qualifications, api changes, and ongoing reviews, saving your months and even years of development and management.

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