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You can request access to so much of your customers' personal information

And the list of sources, types, and categories, of personal information, is growing all the time!

5,000+Sources for Hospital and GP Records (Covering the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States)
1,000+Sources for Bank Transactions (currently Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and United Kingdom)
10+Sources for Fitness, Wellbeing, and Social Interests.

Medical Records
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All signed up GPs and Hospitals in The Netherlands.
Over 50% of English GPs
Over 300 US Hospitals

Records include:
• Allergies
• Medication Prescribed/Dispensed
• Encounters
• Observations
• Immunisations
• Diagnosis
• and much more

Fitness Activities & Stats

• Up to 24 months of daily statistics:
• Steps
• Distance
• Calories
• Heart Rate
• Workouts/Activities
• Sleep
• Floors Climbed
* Apple Health is currently invite only

Bank Transactions

• Up to 24 months transaction history
• Account details and balances

Social Interests

• Your customers' posts
• Your customers' photos
• Liked Tweets
• Geotags
• Playlists, Recently Listened To, Artists, Albums
• Following Channels, Liked Videos