Ethical and transparent use of data to create value and deliver positive outcomes for individuals, patients, healthcare organisations, and society as a whole across research, healthcare, and wellness.

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Our platform empowers individuals giving them greater control of their data which in turn catalises innovation and research by enabling them to easily request medical and health data directly from individuals.

NHS GP Records

Dutch Medical Records from over 5,000 hopsitals and GPs

Over 270 US Hospital Providers

Support for FHIR, Epic, and Cerner based systems

Fitness data from Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, and Google

Other behavioural sources from Banking, Entertainment, and Social.

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*International Patient Summary coming Q3 2024

Fully Compliant

Privacy and security by design built around explicit and informed consent, our platform enables individuals to take control of their data and for organisations to build new trusted products and services using eHealth data.

Our platform has been vetted and audited for access to medical records in a number of territories including the Netherlands with Medmij, English NHS, Iceland and US.

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