Case Studies enables the ethical and transparent use of data to accelerate innovation and catalyse research enabling apps and services to access new data and markets while achieving high levels of privacy and compliance.

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Research: Harvard

The study’s goal was understand how to prevent chronic disease through lifestyle and behavioural changes. was a “beautiful solution” which enabled participants to share their facebook data directly with researchers. The approach was approved by the independent ethics review board.

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Healthcare: Consentry

Consentry used privacy and security technology to enable individuals to gather their test results from labs and rapid tests, as well as supplement their data with their vaccination history and share this for the purposes of travel and work, as required by their organisations.


Innovation: GeneHub

GeneHub is the first patient-controlled biobank to incentivise patients who share their anonymised DNA data with researchers. Rewards include free DNA tests and insights that unlock Precision Prescribing and faster access to drug trials. Precision Prescribing improves patients' drug adherence and reduces adverse drug reactions and wasted medication, which benefits patients and healthcare systems.


Innovation: My Health My Data

A Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action explored establishing an open biomedical information network connecting organisations and individuals, establishing an information marketplace, based on new mechanisms of trust underpinned by digital ledger technology.

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