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Getting access to your NHS GP Medical Records

You will need to request online record access, also known as Patient Online from your GP. You may be able to do this via their online portal, or by speaking to a member of staff.

Likely steps you'll need to do:

  1. Take photo ID (passport or driving licence) and proof of address (such as a utility bill) to your GP practice and tell them you want to start using their online services. If you do not have any ID then please talk to a member of staff.

  2. Fill in the short registration form they give you.

  3. You will be given a letter or sent an email with your access details which can then be used in the app.

Important: Your record may contain sensitive information. If someone is pressuring you for this information, contact your GP surgery immediately. You have a legal right to access the information in your record.

Once connected, your GP records are instantly accessible

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Quick access to all the important information

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Dig down to see specific records in chronological order

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Search or filter for super quick access

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See the specific record and share the details


How do I get access to my data?

You will need your login details for Patient Online. Once you have these you can use them to connect and download your health data using

Who can access their NHS data?

If your doctor uses EMIS, one of the main electronic health record systems, you will be able to connect to your account, using the same Patient Online credentials you have to book appointments or order repeat prescriptions online with your doctor.

What data is available?

The types and amount of data available is set by each GP practice, but common ones will include vaccination history, medications, prescriptions, existing conditions, as well as health measurements and allergy information.

When will you support other health record systems providers?

We are working with the NHS to enable individuals to connect to other NHS data sources and hope to make further announcements soon.

Can I get more data?

Legally individuals have a right to access all their data in an electronic format, however GP practices may not enable all data by default. You may be able to access more data by making a subject access request to your GP practice and asking them to make the data available via Patient Online.

What do I do if I find a problem with my record?

If you find a problem with your record you should speak to your health care provider.

What is the Personal Data Explorer?

Personal Data Explorer is a free app that enables users to aggregate data from across their digital life – including wearables, social and finances – to build a complete picture of their online life.

Is my health data safe in the app?

Yes, we have been independently vetted by the NHS to ensure we and the app meet its privacy and security standards.

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